These are the artists the make New Midwestria happen. Without them, we wouldn’t have any of our awesome mascots, or any of the dope-ass designs that make our websites look so awesome. Make sure you click on their socials and give them the love they deserve!

Artist/Writer behind aero-replies

Designed the first six images for our shop categories. Visit their Aero Replies Tumblr Blog

Hannah Daigle
creator of Satina, 1/3 of ScumHouse, also worked on smiling friends

Designer of the New Midwestria Mascots and the New Midwesteria cruise image. Visit their Satina Merch store

Draws pretty pastel ponies.

Designer of the New Midwestria stage image, New Midwestria vendor images (both front and back). Support their Ko-Fi if you’d like to support them

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