New Midwestria’s ‘Fandom Made’ Merch Program

New Midwestria’s shop has its very own automatic fulfillment service that prepares and ships your order. Making products on demand in this sort of way instead of bulk-ordering helps reduce overproduction, shrinkage, and accumulation of dead stock. Which is perfect for, say, a convention’s merchandise shop that normally sees large sales of small items such as badges, buttons, stickers, and pins. It would also be good for, say, a small artist that would like to have an opportunity to sell their art in a legitimate place so they can get some exposure, or a New Midwestria staff member that would like to be able to make profit from the designs they contribute to the convention/community, or even a designer/design-company that’s been contracted for official New Midwestria designs and would be interested in their designs earning some money for them on-top of their already-paid contracting rates. Each person in this scenario can have their designs hosted on the New Midwestria Ecommerce shop as a part of our “Fandom Made” merchandising program.

Program Features:

By joining this program you can:

  • Sell your own NM merch (as a fan, staff member, contracted artist, vendor, etc) on the Fandom Made Shop category
  • Get Your own Artist profile category in our shop to serve as your own Mini Merch shop
  • Set your own prices and receive passive income from every sale

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Program Details:

Sell your own NM merch (as a fan, staff member, contracted artist, vendor, etc) on the Fandom Made Shop category:

As a part of our Fandom Made program, you can sell your own merch on the our Ecommerce platform and utilise our autiomatic fufillment service to generate, produce, sell, and ship your merch with as little effort as providing us with a high-DPUI image, and a description of how you want the merchandise sold. You don’t have to handle, produce, or ship us any of your stock, our fufillment service does it all for us (and you!)

Whether you are a fan artist, staff artist, or contracted designer, each product or design you contribute to New Midwestria or the Fandom Made program will appear inside the “Fandom Made” shop category on the shop’s main page.

Your designs will also appears cross-category, showing up not just in your artist profile and the Fandom Made category, but inside the main product categories as well. With your art and design being sold along-side official New Midwestria Merchandise!

Artist profile(s), your own Mini Merch Shop:

By joining the program, you will get your very own shop category. By providing us with a banner image (see below for template), your shop category can serve as your very own artist profile, like your own mini merch shop, which will organize and display every design you have submitted under your category

With your mini merch shop, you can advertise your merchandise wherever you want your fans to see it! #getthemclicksgirl

By joining this program you will also appear in the “Our artists” section of our shop’s main menu where you can further advertise yourself with your profile picture, social media links, and anything else you deem worthy of advertising (other merch shops of yours, your patreons, ko-fis, etc)

Set your own prices and Receive passive income for every sale:

Set your own prices:
Our fulfillment company allows us to set our own prices, and we are trying to extend that ability to you as best we can.

Receive Passive for your contributions:
Since our fulfillment service take it’s own cut for the production and shipment of merchandise, profit from merch that isn’t warehoused by us personally is slim. Therefore, we decided to split the remaining profit 50/50 with the fandom, with half of the remaining profit going to the respective artists in the program and the other 50% going back into New Midwestria for operational purposes (payment of staff, hosting and maintenance of websites, monthly costs, etc)

in the spirit of transparency, we’ve provided some graphs that help explain the kind of profit margins you can expect as a member of this program.

Until we can find a way to reduce our fulfillment costs, think of this program as a passive income generator for you. Set it and forget it, if you will, and receive your checks in the mail (or paypal) every month. As the company grows and merch sales increase, so too will the income you receive from the program

Disbursement rates subject to change due to community opinion, 50/50 is just our starting point. If you feel it should be higher or lower, let us know!

Payments will be disbursed the 15th of every month to your provided paypal address

How to join:

To join the program or to submit merchandise after you’ve already been approved, click either of the buttons below

Artist templates:

use the following templates to aid in the designing of your profile image or banner

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